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The story of Melli

A baby girl that could fit into a butter box!

Melli was born four months premature and weighed only 500 grams. She was very small but perfect and fought against all the odds with her feisty nature. While Melli was in the hospital, her mother discovered that it was hard to find clothing for a small premature baby. In addition to small size, the materials needed to be suitable for their very sensitive and thin skin. The idea gave her a spark to start her own clothing brand, which would not only offer clothing for the older children, but also for the very tiny ones in the family.

Melli EcoDesign was born in 2012, two years after Melli herself. The brand got its name from that tiny premature baby girl and the core values set out to be local manufacture, socially responsible, long lasting and ecological. We want to offer Finnish children’s and women’s wear that is suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. We are especially proud of our premature baby clothing collection, which serves the needs of those who came too early to this world. The collection captures the small and feisty heart of Melli.

Our products are designed and produced in Jyväskylä mainly from Finnish materials. Since 2015 we have had our own sewing factory in Palokka, Jyväskylä. Responsibility, ethics and ecological production are considered in all aspects of our business. We want this to show also in our choice of materials like organic cotton, mulesing-free merino wool, tencel, modal and bamboo.

Read more of our production and social responsibility here

A warm welcome to the world of Melli!

Marica Jensen

Founder of Melli EcoDesign

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